Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Drake - Trophies Lyrics

Drake Previews "Trophies" Produced by Hit-Boy onstage at Barclay Center, during "Would You Like A Tour".
Drake - Trophies Lyrics:
[Verse 1:]
Got hit records on my demo
Did y’all boys not get the memo
I do not stay at the intercontinental
And anything I got is not a rental
I own it mothafvcka
Figured out this shit, it’s simple
My stock be going up like a crescendo
A buncha handshakes from the fakes
But nigga I do not want to be friends though
I told y’all motherfvckers
Man this shit is not a love song
This is a fvck a stripper on a (?) song
This a fvck them boys forever, hold a grudge song
Pop some fvckin’ champagne and a tux on
Nigga, “just because” song

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