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Astro - KONY Lyrics (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Astro - KONY Lyrics (Kendrick Lamar Response)
Astro - KONY Lyrics (Kendrick Lamar Response):
[Verse 1]
This goes out to the so called "King of New York"
This is the home of legends, Lamar
So watch what you talk, you coming up short
Thinking you the boss, you must be off-y
This history is worth more than a hit, boy
No matter how much good music you drop
You can't knock the legacy of B.I.G's, J-A-Y's
And leaving out the new guys, that ain't wise
You ain't the king, at best you will do young and popping
But Jay old enough to be your pop and moving more units than you
Talking 'bout how you the king of this state, that's time wasted
You kicked harder lines on a Miguel collaboration
You was doing good up until now, Kenny
Started false claiming, I feel the rat on my city

[Verse 2]
This ain't France and I see you tryna run the kid home
You better chill with that napoleon syndrome
Let's battle, it's nothing, you weak I feel like you're bluffing
You the king? Oh my bad, boy I feel like you're puffing
You ain't ballin' hard enough to mention Phil Jackson's name
I play like D'Antoni and get Lamar up out the game
You owe them legends you're dissing, but let's speak some real talk
I can see why you was reaching for the throne in New York
Ain't nobody repping right, they scared, all talk
I don't curse much but fuck all you fake New Yorkers
Y'all suckers like newborns kissing Kendrick's ass
Nobody better than him, you #trash
Remember, it's good kid, mad city not my city
Enter my city, it's animosity
Possibly the end of your [?]
So give me your ends
Where the game started, remember what state you're in
New York...

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