Sunday, 23 June 2013

Party Next Door - Over Here Ft. Drake Lyrics

Party Next Door - Over Here Ft. Drake Lyrics:
Girl this summer, you’ll be looking for
You’ll looking for me while I’m branding
That brand new whip you wanted
All i ever asked for was patience
(All i ever asked and you know it)
Patience and pussy but most the patience
Swear I used to keep you waiting in
Now you waiting, ‘cus I’m better
Girl what’s better than this
We used to do these things
Now you waiting for somebody
Girl, what’s better than this?
Poppin’ champagne over here’
Girl it ain’t thang over here
Blowin’ money fast over here
Blowin’ all this cash over here
[Verse 2: Drake]
Me and my niggas fucking here first
You supposed to be there when my head hurt
Used to be going out hardly, now we wanna party
Celebration on me, well what’s up
Pay homage, I roll trough the city like young Jack Mohammed
It can’t be that hard to find us
Go to jungle pic on my Ethiopian goddes,
That’s when words spread, a Bugatti is in the projects
The boy home, used to take the bus to the block
Now summertime whips come through and bust up the block
I remember seeing Nick’s having to bust up a block
And settle right out the huss, y’all niggas must have forgot
But i was there Nas, Nas shit, a couple thing sit on my concience
With that said, look what we accomplished
Yea, sure this ain’t Compton but this ain’t a fairytale land neither
We all lost mad people, the city wild
They gave the task to a purpose to y’all
Verse’s starts to get a little more personal now
But that’s cause everybody sound so played out tho’
Oliver North in the cut Dolce’d out tho’
A 1000$ bottle it get poured straight out tho’
I’m screaming OVO on the whole way out tho’
I’m back boy for real, I’m that boy for real
I got hits nigga, you just a bat boy for real
Backwoods got peeled, I smoke away all the tears
Nothing was the same, including y’all careers
The new Cash Money, the new Rocafella
Bunch of young rich niggas, turn around if you jealous
On this side…

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