Saturday, 6 April 2013

Beyoncé - Grown Woman Lyrics

Beyoncé  previews new track Grown Woman in new pepsi advert.

Beyoncé - Grown Woman Lyrics:

I remember being young and talking back
I knew what I needed
I was spending all my nights and days laid back day dreaming
But baby I’ma big girl now, so come do something
Told the world I would paint this town
But now bitches I run this

Cause I put it down like that down like that
and I’m making all these racks all these racks
And I’m moving round like that round like that
And I do it
And don’t look back don’t look back

I’m a grown woman
Do whatever I want
I’m a grown woman
Do whatever I want

I can be bad if I want
I wanna be grown if I want
I wanna live fast if I want

I’m a grown woman
Do whatever I want

They love the way I walk
Cause I walk with a vengeance
And they listen to me when I talk cause I ain’t pretending
Took a while, now I understand just where I’m going
Now i’m growing into who I am
Bout time I show it

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