Saturday, 1 December 2012

Meek Mill - Lay Up (Remix) ft. Rick Ross, Trey Songz & Jay-Z Lyrics

Meek Mill - Lay Up (Remix) ft. Rick Ross, Trey Songz & Jay-Z Lyrics:
She getting to know me, she likin' me next 
she kissin' me slow, I'm biting the neck, 
this catch in the floor, I'm writing the next, 
she ready to blow I'm referring to sex.

Lay up, lay up, lay up, lay up

Sitting back with this paper fallin in my left
feelin isolated nothin but them 100 stacks, 
with your money now tell me how you're supposed to trust 
every night a different woman f*cking money up 
my back account is shake, I corone with puff 
I came to put you down shawty so what the f*ck is up 
since I met her she can't keep that p**sy off me, 
on the kill I'ma kill that p**sy softly 
back to back time to show you how a gangsta move 
keys to the path, talking infinity moves 
V12 anything time to change your name 
paper stuff, purse came on the phone yeah.

She know is great time when I do it like that, 
when I pass it to her baby throw it right back
she could get you lay up all night, 
she'll be trying to lay up alright 
and when I shoot I don't miss, 
I don't miss, I don't miss, I don't miss 
I don't miss when I do it no 
she could get you lay up all night, 
she'll be tryin to lay up alright.

Hole up, the bigger the boot, better the bitch 
my only bones baby girl I ships 
a million copy since 96 
plus to 95 south flood I double deep, 
yeah dope man, I need a dope bitch 
so I could give to you all of this dope shit 
I know Versace Giuseppe, 
Millie your.. introduce you if you let me 
I know celemone, jalamone jacke ups, 
my cause f*ck em all costumate up 
I'm a main nigga, you a main nigga 
get away, get away, get away nigga 
jumpin off both, haffen on another clip, 
every six months I think I need a new f*ckin less 
to whom of the plies, whom f*ck you with me, 
I'm the greatest alive I know you it was great. 


Get money come at your stunt my past time 
makin love f*ckin like it's my last time 
you know we fighting for, we know we f*ckin fight 
ain't nothing perfect baby this is f*cking life, 
street battle test it, dreams manifested 
moving was selling thing nigga we was breaking records 
Don Perignon running down my teady on 
mother bitches say know me and my baby born
had to run with the low and shawty took a charge 
already I don't ball shit I would've been scat 
she did it like a G, while I was going hard 
now the world is yours but it's your turn to ball, 


From the night to the morning yes she tryin to lay 
got a freaky freaky game and she tryin play, 
couple more shots, baby can you make step, step
lay up, 
Mike mike just let the back board 
give it what you ex for. 
I lay up, lay up, I lay up.

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