Thursday, 20 December 2012

ASAP Rocky - LVL Lyrics

ASAP Rocky - LVL Lyrics:

clams casino nigga
mister pistol popper
flocko locked and loaded
lifes a bitch and she pussy pop (know why)
cause i got her open
that pussy soakin’
fuck is you promotin’
yea, you claim you rage,
you hatin’ like you live in oaaak-laaand…
im a ride town – niggas with the roof back
introduce you niggas to the new swag
make you say a nigga grew up too fast
fuck im posed to do with all this new ass
fuck im posed to do with all this new cash
thousand dollar drawers, shit to hold my balls
all i ever do is let my jewels sag
hot gone, but the juice back, get your popcorn
juice snacks, it’s a movie nigga, with a new cast,
get the news flash, that the truth back,
this is spoon back, mixed with new raps,
look at all the niggas that i blew past,
flow by ear, to the durag,
nigga make way for the new jags
(yea) (uh) (yea) (uh) (uhhh)
(yeah) (yeah) (uh)
it’s mister pistol popper screamin’ fuck a copper
i just bought a crispy choppa finna fuck yo blocka,
even cracked the pavement thats beneaths yea hatin’
i been impatiently waitin’ to show you niggas satin
all this talk of illuminati ain’t got a clue about me
bitch im trill-maluminati and got mah crew behind me
shootas round me,
keep them lootas round me,
keep a toula round me,
better keep you fools from rami,
couple of them dudes surround me,
wit a gat,
wit a strap,
and a backpack,
when they cap cap,
leave you frap,
better back back,
on a fast track,
better tap,
nigga dats dat,
nigga pass dat,
finna ash,
where the hash at,
got a cash stax,
wit a ass,
finna smash dat,
make em cash that,
a$ap then i pass dat – off,
to my niggas then she ask,
“where the cash at?
i see dead peopll(eee) (uh)
i need dead people
lord pretty flacko byiatch
i behead people (uh)
kneel and kiss the ring
all hail the king (all hail the king)
long live asap put that or errthing (errthing, errthing)
(alright motha fucka)
(uh) (yea) (yea) (alright) (asappp) (yea)

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