Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lloyd Banks - Bring It Back Ft. Fabolous Lyrics

Lloyd Banks - Bring It Back Ft. Fabolous Lyrics:

Uh, score paper forget it
Big money I’m wit it
I’m smokin good you can smell it though
I get hella dough come get it
When you hide the horse come wit it
We’ll drop it low then spit it
The bring it back up, make it clap yup
She bent and I just hit it
Ho get off my fitted
Polo horse I’m Jiggy
You ain’t got to ask if she did me
Of course she did I’m witty
I’m a proud anchor of my city
That 2Pac and that Biggie
My jewels pop wit that pretty
And I’m Shoeboxin that kitty
Dog I’m too hot to fuck wit me
I’ll chamber you, I’m Flamable, Untamable

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