Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Black Cobain - No Love Without You ft. Chevy Woods Lyrics

Black Cobain - No Love Without You ft. Chevy Woods Lyrics:

Standing on my balcony just dreaming
These hating niggas hating tryna Martin Luther King me
In search the … got it looking like the 80’s
I was just a young nigga back when Brenda had a baby
Had a thousand dollars sneakers on my way to see a million
All the bad bitches jocking when we step up in the building
We on the tour bus watching boys in the hood
Rest in peace G… he was the ricky round our hood
I’m just praying for his mama, she’s supposed to be at …
They tearing down the ghetto, I heard they bout to …
Please remember the titans, everybody I came up with
Was thugging, except for me, I just strictly stick to hustling
And tell me what’s your isse?
It’s taking every day for me not to diss you
Nigga, I think I’m Floyd, and I ain’t fucking round with pistols
Circle of success and you ain’t in it, you a square
Click a real nigga still exist, but it’s rare
Money over pussy, thug life, banging pac
Resurrect, I just hit the club and took 5 shots
Fuck you mean?
For turn your niggas got the city popping
I’ll be at peace when I can take my niggas shopping
While you niggas shaving coke I’m lighting ashters on a boat
Cigar smoke blowing in your face nigga, hope you choke
All real niggas on that ambitious shit, really though
I’m popping fly, got an ambition bits
Leaving out of customs straight to currency exchange
… crack the window, while I’m smoking in this brain
What you saying?
We’re just a bunch of real niggas, …hustlers, va nigga!
Yeah, chevy, black cobain, that’s work
Gucci plant wallets, rich is what they call us, shit
I remember nights a nigga couldn’t make a dollar
This shit was unexpected, them diamonds in my necklace
She told me I’m the bomb, all I gotta do is set it
Top of the key, all you gotta do is check it
And since we on the one, all you gotta do is bet us
Jerome on the goal, that’s a guarantee score
I have money in the … and drugs in my drawers
This life it ain’t yours, it’s mine and I live it
A whole lot of drugs in a … Civic
If we don’t know each other from that life then you missed it
Had the same block for years cause the price was terrific
Every 2 days the pack came like it’s gifted
I mean that shit came wrapped up like it’s Christmas
Shout out my connect, this a hustle toast
I can tell you more, but that’s another verse, oh, word!

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